World Cosplay Summit


Cosplay Competition
World Cosplay Summit
17:00 - 19:00 Entrance area - Patria Room

The free and dynamic nature of manga was instrumental in the birth of cosplay. Nowadays people from around the world find this as a common language and a dynamic new form of global interaction. The World Cosplay Summit began in Osu, Nagoya and has grown to include 33 countries from around the world. If you count audience and participants at each preliminary event, the number of people involved is now in the 100s of thousands.

The WCS is a cosplay event organised by WCS Inc. It stands for the World Cosplay Summit and began back in 2005. It's designed to determine a Grand Champion through stage performances by representative teams from each participating country. The championship is graded on the finish of the costume design and the team’s performance on stage. 

Grand Champions from previous years are as follows:

2024: We wish Ilunaneko and Yaraiya lots of luck and fun!

2023: United Kingdom
2022: France (stage division) and Sweden (video division)
2021: Germany
2019: Australia
2018: Mexico
2017: China
2016: Indonesia
2015: Mexico
2014: Russia
2013: Italy
2012: Japan
2011: Brazil
2010: Italy
2009: Japan
2008: Brazil
2007: France
2006: Brazil
2005: Italy