Cyberpunk Underground Dance


Cyberpunk Underground Dance
20:00 - 22:00 Entrance area - Patria Room

'A combination of low life and high tech', that's cyberpunk! It's a genre, it's an aesthetic, it's a vibe… And it's the theme for our convention this year. The future is cow- we mean now, after all! For this reason, we've set up a special event.

Welcome… to the Cyperpunk Underground Dance.

For two whole hours, a specially chosen DJ will play a variety of fitting dance mixes, allowing you to be swept away to a futuristic setting of underground, rebellious night life. A cyberpunk themed outfit is highly encouraged, but is not necessary in order to gain entry to this event. Just remember to bring some comfortable shoes, because a dance is not a dance without some slick moves. And if you have a glow stick or two, bring that right on in too!


Hey, I'm Tare!

I've been an AnimeCon visitor for many years, but this year I'll be your DJ for Cyberpunk Underground Dance! I've DJed for New Year's, VR and Twitch stream events. As a 90s raver, I will bring a variety of music from House, Techno, Drum’n Bass, (Japanese) Hardcore and anything in between to the dance floor.

We will be diving into a world where the music tells a story and various rhythms paint a picture of neon-lit streets and digital dreams. Let's explore this journey together and have some fun!

X: Tarrre_
Instagram: Tarrre_
Soundcloud: Tarrre