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Decoden is short for "Decorate DenWa", which means "decorate mobile phone". Typically phone cases are elaborately covered with the colourful cream to look like real cake icing and then embellished with cute charms, gems and jewels and finished with colourful sprinkles and glitter. But it's not just phone cases you can decorate in this style!

Decoden workshop

The workshop is a 2 - 2.5 hour long. It is a fully taught, instructor lead workshop.

In the first hour we will teach you how to create an initial paper design, show you how to use the piping bags and practice piping. The remaining time is for you to decorate your item.
You can select one of the following items to decorate: photo frame, mirror or hairclip. If you wish you can decorate a phone case but you must bring your own hard polycarbonate case (soft silicone case are not recommended as the glue may not adhere correctly).

Please note: If you wish to join the workshop, you must buy a ticket through AnimeCon's ticketbooth beforehand!

About Us:

Dream Decoden was setup by Camryn and Remy with help from their father Sam. Camryn and Remy are primary school children that fell in love with decoden but found that they could not find any places in the Netherlands to do it! They decided to set up their own workshop to share their favourite hobby with everyone.

We are the one and only decoden workshop provider in the whole of the Netherlands.





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