The Art of Machine Embroidery


The Art of Machine Embroidery
15:00 - 16:00 Terrace - Events 1

Machine embroidery is more than just sewing an image stitch by stitch onto a piece of cloth. It is an art form. Did you know you can embroider a pouch with a zipper and lining included in such a machine? Or make a pair of earrings? Even lace is possible! The only limit is your imagination!


In this lecture, we will tell you all about the differences and limits of embroidery machines: What does it need to run, how to hoop your projects, what backing do you need to get the best results, and where can I find a good digitized design?

During this lecture, I will show an "in-the-hoop" design, freestanding lace, and how to make patches. Already curious about what to expect?
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