K-Pop Make-Up


K-Pop Make-Up
12:30 - 13:30 Terrace - Events 3

Misa visited Korea, where she learned the ins and outs of make-up from a make-up artist who is a specialist in idol make-up. She will share the special techniques with you! Can you imagine and tell how she would use a "bamboo stick" and a "lighter" from her make-up bag for your make-up? And the current trend is very natural! And it takes an hour to make up just the lashes! And impressive lips will charm everyone! You will be able to end up looking so very charming. 

Make-up is the magic that will make you shine and make you love yourself more! Misa looks forward to meeting you at her workshop!

About Misa

Misa is a Japanese cosplayer who has been a guest performer at conventions in Europe and experienced being a judge for cosplay competition. And Misa herself performs in cosplay. Her performances combine k-pop or J-pop dance with the world of anime and games. Her stage performances are very popular and have attracted many people.

She loves k-pop make-up, and her make-up workshops are all the rage among the convention contents in various countries. In her workshop, she plays rock-paper-scissors-paper and gives away cosmetics to the winner. The audience gets overjoyed by that and it gets everyone very excited!

Her dream is to connect Japanese cultures and the world. Please do not hesitate to talk to her (it's her great pleasure!) and enjoy her performances and workshop!




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