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Deshima Sounds
00:00 - 02:00 Entrance area - Patria Room


About Deshima Sounds

For 16 years since 2008, Deshima Sounds has been the household name for the Dutch Anime Convention Disco scene. What started out 18 years ago at AnimeCon 2006 with just a nameless Anime disco, turned into a full-fledged Dance organization, with a heavy focus towards the Japanese inspired dance music with a hint of other Asian cultures.

While music and styles change every year, DJs SuperEuroJimmy and Neodash Zerox have been around from the start and are always searching the charts for the hottest tracks around the EDM culture. The music styles ranges from House to Hardcore and everything in between. Next to being Deshima Sounds, they are also huge promoters of the Eurobeat and ParaPara culture. Because of this, they also have a sub-brand called “Paradise”, whose main focus is for this culture.

When Covid happened and the world sort of stopped, the Deshima Sounds crew kept themselves busy with an online presence on Twitch. Deshima Sounds hosted and organized four online festivals under their “Paradise” banner, and was a worldwide success as many fans of the culture came together. They also did an online party for AnimeCon @ Home twice. Neodash didn't stop there, as he started his own show on Twitch that focuses on the Japanese Hardcore (J-Core) styles called "J-Core Life", which is held once a week. He also organized over 20 online festivals just for fun.

Of course, by now, live shows are allowed to go all out again. Deshima Sounds is ready to blast out all the bangers for everyone to enjoy. With all the past party experience and the extra experience from online activities, you can expect another awesome show and enjoy AnimeCon with a bang!

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