Walk-in Kendama Workshop


Walk-in Kendama Workshop
11:00 - 14:00 Bakkerij 1 - Events 4

But why not stay for longer? Learn some advanced techniques and if you're feeling confident, you can even try your hand at an official grading! The professionals from Sweets Kendamas will be standing by to guide you through the process with their very own practice kendamas.

Minigames with prizes

The kendama community is known for their generosity and this convention won't be any exception! We’ll be running a few minigames throughout the workshop with chances to win kendamas and other prizes.

Who are Sweets Kendamas?

Sweets Kendamas was founded in August of 2010 by founder Matt “Sweets” Jorgenson after seeing a Kendama in a snowboarding video. Being a long time juggler, snowboarder, and yo-yo player, he had to have a Kendama.  He searched the web and was only able to find kendamas from international sources.  Paying more for shipping than for the product itself, the seed that has become Sweets Kendamas was planted. With the mission of spreading kendama love, Sweets Kendamas was conceived in August of 2010. Since then, our company has focused our efforts to spread the benefits and gratification that kendama can provide and the culture that it creates.

Several of their kendama enthusiasts will be present at AnimeCon on Sunday to host this workshop!

Jack is a professional kendama player for one of the largest brands in the world, Sweets Kendamas. He prides himself in being a trained kendama sensei and loves to teach enthusiastic individuals from all different ages, skill levels and backgrounds. Check out Jack's Instagram!

Senne is a proficient kendama player and an excellent teacher. Being a Japanese culture enthusiast, he does an excellent job bridging the worlds between the culture and the sport. Check out Senne's Instagram!

Rilana Doolhoff 
Not only does Rie have some crazy kendama skills, she also creates one of a kind kendama-inspired art! Her patience and creativity make her an excellent kendama teacher. Check out Rilana's Instagram!

Can you think of someone that would love a kendama? Couldn't put the thing down and need one of your own? A small range of kendamas will also be for sale at the workshop.

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