Unmei Preview/Rewind


Unmei Preview/Rewind
12:00 - 12:20 Entrance area - Pop-On Stage

Unmei is very excited to announce their performance on the AnimeCon Pop-On Stage this year!

As a little prequel to our bigger show (which will take place a few hours later on the Secondary Stage), Unmei will perform 2 exclusive songs from their AnimeCon setlist, giving you a little preview of what we have prepared for you this year! We are very excited to join this stage with all of the lovely performers, and we hope to hear all your loudest cheers! lets rewind to our official show preview: Unmei: Preview/Rewind!



About Unmei Idols

Unmei Idols is a Dutch Dance cover group currently consisting of 9 members that were brought together by their passion for idol dancing! Since their debut in July 2017, Unmei has been on stage multiple times for dance competitions , showcases as well as full concept shows!

We are really proud of the show we put together this year, we hope you are all ready to come on our journey and rewind time!!

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Instagram: Unmeiidols
YouTube: UnmeiIdols